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June 29, 2013
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OMFG rainboo kittehs by MagicalPouchOfMagic OMFG rainboo kittehs by MagicalPouchOfMagic
Yes....I decided to continue it |D

A couple of friends and I once tried to do a thing with colors like this....but we never really got into it :/

So I used this to kinda develop each character: [link]

Characters (might actually make names for them later...and they still need a bit of development):

Purple: cares about appearance, social, cruel when angered, enjoys luxurious items, flamboyant, polite, insightful, intuition, modest, depressed, loves magic, confident, virtuous, wise

Blue: creative, straight foward, enjoys freedom, knows medical information, smart, intuition, reads romance novels, loyal, can hold down a job, likes peace, rational, ends up in trouble all the time, unhappy because of constant trouble, virtuous, wise

Green: some-what organized, compassionate, interested in life, stubborn on opinions, values family, superstitious, does good deeds, insightful, easily jealous, reads romance novels, likes nature, confident, protective, successful,

Yellow: cowardly, yandre, energetic, likes fun, acts positive, sick a lot, does good deeds, insightful, can hold down a job, depressed inside, likes peace, strong, confident, protective, respectful, interested in royalty,

Orange: Neat freak, brave, compulsive, energetic, values family, flamboyant, friendly if treated right, acts positive, knows medical information, learns easily, actually warm hearted,

Red: angers easily, vain, brave, wreckless, compulsive, energetic, flirtatious, easily excited, superstitious, acts positive, enjoys warm things, passionate, strong, radical, protective, wants to be successful,

Brown: likes to care of the enviornment, reliable, wise, obediant

Black: has bad luck, likes to be in power, likes things organized, social, likes dead things, stubborn on opinions, cruel, smart, depressed, penant, self-cultivated, stylish, unhappy,

White: interested in life, likes kids, acts positive, does good deeds, smart, rich, depressed, likes peace, respectful, gives up easily, trusts easily,

Gray: interested in life, friendly if treated right, smart, modest, likes peace, reliable, respectful, gives up easily,

Pink: likes kids, romantic, girly, rarely sick, positive, likes frilly things
JONNY07Z Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I seeeeeeeeeee yuouuuu
SpiderStarShine Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have half of blue's qualities ! Weirdness.

awesomeness though! Gotta love the rainbow of kittehs ^^
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